SuperRide connects drivers with private and business users. Our goal is to digitize and disrupt the city’s taxi service using a convenient mobile app, while offering self-employment opportunities to hundreds of people.

You are just a few clicks away! After registering with our Android or IOS app, all you need to do is: a) Select the pickup and drop off location and select the number of passengers b) Select the payment method and c) Click on the Confirm Booking button. That’s it! You will be assigned the closest driver in your area within a few seconds. It is that easy. You can also select optional special requests if you have any.

Using the Ride Later feature, passengers can make bookings from 15 minutes to up to a week in advance.

We accept Cash, Interac, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

We don't store your credit or debit card details. We use Stripe for payments originating from the mobile app, i.e., saved cards, and a Square POS device for physical card payments. Both of these payment methods offer reliability, security, and are widely used across Canada.

Our delivery price is based on the distance from the restaurant, auto parts shop, or pharmacy. You can refer to the prices on our website.

Wallet is a feature that is built into our app. You can recharge it within our app and use it for your ride as needed.

Anyone who owns a business or works in the hospitality industry and books a cab on behalf of customers is considered a business user.

Our robust app first looks for available vehicles nearby. If it finds a nearby driver, then it displays the available cars along with the estimated arrival time. If it says Not Available, that means there is no nearby car and you will not be able to enter a destination to book the car until a driver is available.

If you feel like you are in danger, then you can use the SOS button. When you click the SOS button, you'll be asked whether you want to share your location with your added emergency contacts or to place a 911 call.

We do not charge anything for debit cards using Interac tap. However, for credit card transactions we charge 75 cents and for transactions using a saved card, we charge $1.

Estimated fare is based on the distance calculated by Google maps. You are required to pay only the taximeter fare, not the amount shown in estimated fare. You can ignore the estimated fare as it is just an estimation and we are testing it out for the future.

No, we do not do alcohol delivery.

The app has a support system built into it. If you have any feedback or complaints, you can leave those within the app itself, using the Support option in the menu. We will try to resolve it quickly to the best of our ability.

Becoming a driver for SuperRide is very easy. Either in the website or in our mobile app you can register and submit your documents. It takes only a few minutes. We will verify your documents and schedule a short interview over the phone or in person at our office. Next, we will activate your account and send a confirmation email along with onboarding instructions. Now you are signed up as a driver and ready to receive bookings.

We pay out weekly. We pay your earnings the following week, after deducting the SuperRide fee for weekly payments or commission for Pay-As-You-Go payments, as applicable.

With the weekly plan, you will receive unlimited ride requests throughout the week and pay SuperRide a fixed amount. You will keep 100% of your tips. SuperRide prorates the Fixed Plan amount you pay, so if you start mid-week, you only pay for the remainder of the week.

With the PAYG plan, you only pay for the number of ride requests you actually receive. You will keep 100% of your tips. We deduct a small portion as a commission for every booking you receive, and pay you the rest of the money in the following week. The advantage of this plan is that you have full control of your schedule and you can be your own boss. You decide when you want to work, which can be few hours a day.

You can pay the SuperRide fee (for weekly plan) and commission (for Pay As You Go) plan in cash in the office, or pay through a debit or credit card within the app itself.

After you work with us continuously for a year on the weekly plan, you are eligible to receive vehicle maintenance costs. Terms and conditions apply.

Once you are a driver, all you have to do is log in with your mobile number and password. You’ll quickly start to receive ride requests from the passengers closest to your location, and you’ll be clearly shown the point of pickup origin and the destination where you have to go.

You use our app on your own iPhone or Android device. Our app can be used alongside other apps.