SuperRide offers drivers a new, driver-friendly way to experience greater financial and professional independence. Drive for SuperRide and you’ll have flexible control over your schedule and earning power. Plus you’ll enjoy 100% support from SuperRide, fueled by exclusive state-of-the-art driver technology. Every driver gets to choose a Fixed Payment or Pay-As-You-Go plan. Either way, you get prompt weekly payments, fully automated bookings with no dispatchers involved, assistance securing your Class 4 License, and help with vehicle maintenance after your first year.

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Why Drive with Us?

Pay As You Go Plan

If you want part-time work or want to try out our new exciting app, this is the plan for you. With this plan you only pay for the number of booking requests you actually receive. Keep 100% of your tips. We pay you on time every week, by cheque or digital payment, and you can change your Driver Plan whenever you want.

Fixed/Weekly Plan

Select this plan to pay SuperRide a fixed amount in exchange for getting unlimited booking requests throughout the week. Keep 100% of your tips. SuperRide prorates the Fixed Plan amount you pay, so if you come mid-week, you only pay for the remainder of the week. We pay you on time every week, by cheque or digital payment, and you can change your Driver Plan whenever you want.

Class 4 License Assistance

We go the extra mile for new drivers, by providing assistance with securing your Class 4 Driver’s License. You’ll get a head-start on your career, with help from SuperRide.

Maintenance Cost Support

We value our drivers and the safe upkeep of their vehicles. That’s why we offer financial help with vehicle maintenance for all drivers who work with SuperRide for at least one year.


Flexible payment plans to suit your needs and preferences
In-app GPS navigation to save time and worry
App-based tracking and updating of your daily earnings
Track and pay your network/SuperRide fees with the app
Bookings are assigned by a fully automated system. The system does not even know who the driver is, so it is completely fair and impartial
The app also saves the history of completed trips and payments made to SuperRide

How To Join SuperRide

Download our app and register with us, then use your mobile device to upload the documents we require.

We will verify your documents and schedule a short interview over the phone or in person at our office.

Next we will activate your account and send a confirmation email along with onboarding instructions.

Now you are signed up as a driver and ready to receive bookings.